Friday, June 8, 2012

World-Wide Stamping Week

Hi everyone!! Tomorrow World-Wide Stamping Week starts at the Stamping Board at Two Peas in a Bucket. It is one of three yearly stamping challenge events organised by the Stamping Board members. These events are always lots of fun, with many fabulous stamping challenges, tons of inspiration and lots of fun on the message board. Here's the master thread with links to all the challenges.

I always host a challenge and this year my challenge is called Cling Wrap Texture. It is based on some cards I did earlier this year and on playing around with paint and cling wrap to create great texture. It is a fun and easy technique. Here's one of my cards using it (you can find the info about how I made it here) :

I also used the technique on this and this card.

Here’s how to do the technique: 
  1. Crumble up a large piece of cling wrap – you can create different textures by, for example, pulling it into pleats (looks like grass), or by making smaller or bigger creases.
  2. Paint a piece of cardstock with watercolours, Twinkling H2Os or watered-down acrylic paint. Work quickly so that the paint doesn’t dry. Immediately press the cling wrap into the wet paint. Put a piece of scrap paper on top and let it dry under a heavy book. Don’t peak! Removing the cling wrap when it is too wet will reduce the amount of texture. When it is dry, remove the cling wrap.
  3. Watercolour paper will probably give the best result, but other heavy papers might also work well.
  4. Try using more than one colour paint for a different effect.
  5. I used watercolour paint on the sample cards, but I also tried it with watered-down acrylic paint and with Twinkling H20s and they worked just as well. Watercolour crayons and pencils will probably also work. Experiment with different paints and mediums and let us know how it goes!
  6. You can heat emboss a stamped image on the paper before painting (it will resist the paint), or stamp on top of the paint after it has dried.
  7. The finished surface looks very textured, but is smooth to stamp on.
  8. If you want an area to be lighter, you might be able to lift some of the paint off after it dried, using a wet paintbrush, sponge or a piece of kitchen towel. This won’t work if you use acrylic paint.
I hope you will play along with us! If you have never visited the Stamping Board at Two Peas before, it is a very friendly and happy place, so please come by.

Happy weekend!



  1. Hi, Anna-Karin! Oh my! This card is STUNNING! Good thing I can type, because I am completely speechless. Love this! ♥

  2. Thank you Anna-Karin!!! This is something I will try for sure! And it looks fantastic!


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