Online Classes

I am happy to now present online video classes on Skillshare. So far I have done three classes and there are more to come.

Skillshare is a subscription service, which gives you access to a wide range of classes. If you want to try it out, you can try it out for one month for $0.99 by following this link. I particularly like that the classes are divided into chapters, so you can watch one chapter and try out that particularly technique and then proceed with the following chapter when you have time. I hope it is almost like taking a real life class with me.

Tissue Paper Flowers

I love to make my own 3-D flowers and I decided to do a DIY Flower Making series of classes on Skillshare, showing different types of flowers, using a variety of materials and techniques. First out, is one of my favourites, namely tissue paper flowers. I love the look and feel of tissue paper flowers, and the idea of making something so pretty out of something as plain (and cheap) as tissue paper. You can even recycle tissue paper from a gift.

The flowers can be used for all kinds of projects, to embellish cards and scrapbooking layouts, on gift packages, or, for example, as home decor items. I show you so different examples in the class.

Above, you can watch the introduction video to the Tissue Paper Flowers class. The class consists of eight videos and you will learn how to cut, assemble, shape and give life to tissue paper flowers. I also give you ideas and tips on colouring and show you how to add patterns with stamps. Finally, you will also learn some fun techniques for how you can add stems and leaves to your flowers.

Quick Watercolor Gift Tags

As a papercrafter, I like to make my own gift tags for parcels, but very often when I need to wrap a parcel, I don't have any gift tags at hand, and end up cutting one quickly from patterned paper. Does anyone else recognize that?  So for this class, I thought I would make myself a big stash of gift tags, which are suitable for many different occasions. In the class, you'll learn a very easy resist technique using acrylic gels and watercolour paint. I am also showing you the same technique with Distress Inks and spray mist.

Here you can see the introduction to the Quick Watercolor Gift Tags class, which consists of eight different videos.

Versatile Watercolor Stamping

Layers of ink - Versatile Watercolor Stamping Class by Anna-Karin
The Versatile Watercolor Stamping class is focused on watercolour stamping techniques and apart from the main project above, I will also show a bunch of alternative ideas. For the background, I am also showing you a resist technique with Distress Micro Glaze. I was inspired by autumn, but as with most of my tutorials, the techniques can be used for many types of themes and projects.

 I embedded the intro video above, where I talk more about the class.

I will be back soon again with more classes on Skillshare.

Happy crafting!