Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Quick Watercolor Gift Tags Class

Hi everyone! I hope you are well and enjoying December. I am happy to have posted a new online class on Skillshare. I've been working with it for a while and had hoped to have it up earlier, but things have been a little too busy (and as you can maybe hear on the videos, I've had a bit of a cold).

Layers of ink - Quick Watercolor Gift Tags Class Skillshare class
As a papercrafter, I like to make my own gift tags for parcels, but very often when I need to wrap a parcel, I don't have any gift tags at hand, and end up cutting one quickly from patterned paper. Does anyone else recognize that?  So for this class, I thought I would make myself a big stash of gift tags, which are suitable for many different occasions. In the class, you'll learn a very easy resist technique using acrylic gels and watercolour paint. I am also showing you the same technique with Distress Inks and spray mist.

Here is the introduction video to the class (you can also watch it on YouTube), showing you a bit about what the class is about. I sat too close to the camera for this video, but didn't have time to redo it one more time (I had already shot it quite a few times). So I decided to let it be, even though I am not totally happy with it.

Layers of ink - Quick Watercolor Gift Tags Class Skillshare class by Anna-Karin
Tags are a fun surface to try out new techniques on, since they are so small and it doesn't matter if something doesn't work out as planned. But, as with all my classes, you can use the techniques on any type of project. It will work great for card making, art journaling, scrapbooking, 3-D items, or as a background for a mixed media piece.

Layers of ink - Quick Watercolor Gift Tags Class Skillshare class
I stamped sentiments on some of the tags, but left most of them blank, so that I can use them for any occasion.

Layers of ink - Quick Watercolor Gift Tags Class Skillshare class
I am using stencils in the class. If you don't have any, you can cut your own, or use a die to die cut your own stencils. Check out my Frosty Deer Clipboard, for an example of the latter.

Layers of ink - Quick Watercolor Gift Tags Class Skillshare class
As you will see in the class, almost any acrylic gel will work, and I will show you a whole bunch of different ones, glossy and matte.

Layers of ink - Quick Watercolor Gift Tags Class Skillshare class
Although some of the tags have Christmas sentiments, this is not at all a Christmas crafting class, but the techniques and tags work for any theme or occasion.

Layers of ink - Quick Watercolor Gift Tags Class Skillshare class

Skillshare is a subscription service, which gives you access to a wide range of classes. If you want to try it out, you can try it out for three months for $0.99 by following this link. I particularly like that the classes are divided into chapters, so you can watch one chapter and try out that particularly technique and then proceed with the following chapter when you have time. My class, for instance, consists of eight different videos and it is easy to follow along. I hope it is almost like taking a real life class with me.

Since it is almost Christmas, I decided to make the class free as a Christmas gift to you all, but only for a week (until 27 December). After that it will become a premium class (for Skillshare subscribers). So if you hurry, you can watch it for free.

I am linking the products I used for the class below, as a resource for the class.

Thank you so much for stopping by today and I hope that you will enroll in my class. I would really love to see you there.

If I don't see you again before Christmas, I hope you will all have a very Merry Christmas!!

Happy crafting!!


Supplies (affiliate links):

Additional supplies:
Watercolor paint: Daler & Rowney Artists Watercolours
Mediums: Golden Artist Colors: Regular Gel (Gloss), Molding Paste, High Solid Gel (Gloss), Light Molding Paste


  1. A really lovely class, thank you so much for a fabulous early Christmas present! I really enjoyed watching all those colours pooling and playing over the resists.
    Alison x

    1. Thank you so much Alison! And thank you for joining the class! Watching the colours pooling and mixing is my favourite part too. :)

  2. Hi Anna-Karin!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful Christmas gift, I've just stepped into Skillshare by following your link! :)
    I will try to find the time to watch it quickly as I know it is certainly of great value. Even for me or regular crafters, I think there is always something to learn, especially from you...
    It was lovely to see you on your short presentation video! You have a beautiful smile and face :)
    I wish you a lot of success for 2017, in all your creative projects and with your family. A big hug!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Corinne! And for joining my class! The intro videos are a little scary to make...but I hope I will get more used to it and figure out the lightning a little better. :) Happy New Year to you too!! Hugs!

  3. Hi Anna, I posted a photo on twitter of the tags I made from your skillshare class. I tried posting the pic on the class site but couldn't seem to get the file small enough although photoshop told me it was 2.1 mb. I tried to email you directly but couldn't seem to get that to work either. I used a variety of mediums as well as colorants. Tried a little bit of everything. thanks so much for sharing.


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