Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Toilet paper journal page

Hello stampers! Today I have a fun art journal page tutorial to share, with stamping and watercoloring with Scribble Sticks. It is a great technique to quickly get white stamped images on a colored background, without having to stamp and cut the images out.

Layers of ink - Toilet Paper Journal Page Tutorial by Anna-Karin Evaldsson.

When I saw the new We're Like Toilet Paper stamp set from Simon Says Stamp, I knew I had to use it in my art journal. The set comes from the new Let's Connect release. My boys love it too. Not long ago, no one would ever have thought that we would have toilet paper-themed stamps or would have understood their meaning. The toilet paper frenzy which appears to have been practically world-wide, will surely make it into the history books, and I definitely wanted it in an art journal. You can of course make a card instead, if you would rather like that. 

I worked in the 6x6 in Dina Wakley White Media Journal, which has heavy cotton-rag paper. You need to press a little harder than normally when stamping, since the paper is so textured. As you can see, I pressed too lightly on the sentiment stamp, but I was okay with that and filled some of the letters in with a pen. The sentiment comes from Stronger Together.

To color my page, I used Dina Wakley's Scribble Sticks, which are one of my favorite coloring tools. Scribble two of them directly onto the page. At this stage, you will think that the page looks terrible. I used both Scribble Sticks 1 and Scribble Sticks 2.

Use a paint brush and plenty of water to dissolve the color and turn it into watercolor. 

Pick up color directly from the Scribble Sticks and paint on the background, to darken the shades here and there. 

Add shadows by picking up the color with a paint brush from a black Scribble Stick. If your paper has dried, you can add clean water where you want the shadow first. Then the color with spread into the water creating a soft effect. As long as the stamped images are dry, no paint will spread there.

Add color to the spray bottle and add shading to the toilet rolls. This makes them look more dimensional and 'alive'.

It is very easy to splatter with the Scribble Sticks, just dip the tip into water and then flick a paint brush against the tip. I splattered orange, blue and black.

To get more orange onto the page, I stamped two more sentiments with Melon ink, from the Just Because Word Mix 2 set and from We're Like Toilet Paper.

Finally, I added back some of the lines which had been partially hidden by color, especially the legs and feet. I also scribbled a bit under the rolls to give them more of a surface to stand on.

I just love how full of expression and attitude these stamps are. Brilliant. My youngest wants to cut the page out of my journal, so that he can keep it. He likes to say how each of the rolls feel. This one is sad.

He says that this one is the champion. It has such a fun attitude.

My son says that the roll to the right is helping the one to the left.

And this one is cleaning frantically.

This one is happy and is waving with the very last piece of paper.

Here you can see the splatters better. I also glued a few sequins to the page.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog today!  

Happy crafting!



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