Sunday, January 1, 2017

Favourite Projects of 2016

Hello friends! Another year has passed and I can hardly believe it is already New Year's Day again. Thank you so much for all your visits, comments and support during 2016. I really appreciate it. Aren't the global nature and connections that come from arts and crafts fantastic? It can also be a force for peace and understanding and every little thing counts.

I am terrible at picking favourites, but below you will find some of my favourite posts from 2016. If you click on the photo, you'll get to the post.

Layers of ink - Distress Crayon Canvas Tutorial by Anna-Karin

I had such fun making the collage on this Distress Crayon Canvas, and the main sentiment is a favourite of mine and fits well on a post at the start of a new year.

Layers of ink - Recycled Time Tag by Anna-Karin

This Recycled Time Tag was one of my favourite tags from last year, I particularly like the stamped packaging overlay.

Layers of ink - Pirate Zombie Tutorial by Anna-Karin

I made this Pirate Zombie panel to Anton, and he loves it and keeps it above his bed. It is also an example showing that seasonal dies can often be used year around.

Layers of ink - Mini Pocket Watch Necklace by Anna-Karin

I also made a Mini Pocket Watch Necklace, with a sweet photo of my Mom and Grandmother, and I got to use some glass beads that I bought years ago.

Layers of ink - Misted Background Layout by Anna-Karin

Leo has grown so much since this photo was taken. The layout is about his Christening, in the same dress that I was Christened in.

Layers of ink - Because you have a song tutorial by Anna-Karin

As you might know, I love birds, and these Scribbly Small Birds by Dina Wakley are some of my favourite stamps. I also like the colours of this Because You Have a Song canvas.

Layers of ink - Alphabet Sewing Box tutorial by Anna-Karin

I made to of these sewing boxes last year, using Eileen Hull's Cantilever Sewing Box die. This Alphabet Sewing Box is filled with letters and numbers, and the second one, the Vintage Sewing Box is based on an old sewing box I have had since I was a child.

Layers of ink - Pistachio Wall Hanger by Anna-Karin

I picked the Pistachio Wall Hanger because of the colours, fun techniques, great message and wonderful Tim Holtz focal stamp.

Layers of ink - Capture Life Art Journaling page by Anna-Karin

Sometimes I include photos in my art journal, and I like the mix of older and a more recent photo on this Capture Life page. And the texture background technique was a fun discovery too. 

Layers of ink - Home Loom Weaving by Anna-Karin

My Home Loom project is a little different from the others, and brought back memories of childhood weaving. It also inspired Anton to weave on my old loom and he completed a woven project that I had started as a child. 

Layers of ink - Make a wish Layout by Anna-Karin

I really like this photo of the baby feet together with the larger well-used big brother shoe, in my Make a Wish layout. The photo was taken by Alet Groenewald

Layers of ink - Tropical Beach Tag by Anna-Karin

The Tropical Beach Tag just screams summer, and I had fun making the glittery sand. 

Layers of ink - Hidden Book Box tutorial by Anna-Karin

I used a photo of an unknown relative on this Hidden Book Box, with a mini-book inside meant to be used to document info about family members of the past.

Layers of ink - Old Town Houses by Anna-Karin

As you know, I enjoy 3-D projects and these three Old Town Houses are inspired by the Old Town in Stockholm.

Layers of ink - You Matter Layout by Anna-Karin

The You Matter layout has an important message, and I also like the wood grain background and all the stamped word strips.

Layers of ink - Halloween Passport Book Tutorial by Anna-Karin

This Halloween Passport Book was my favourite Halloween project from last year. It was made with a die by Eileen Hull. Another favourite Halloween project, was the Halloween Manor House.

Layers of ink - Birch Trees Mixed Media Panel by Anna-Karin

I love trees, and birch trees are one of my favourite kinds of trees. I really enjoyed creating this wintery Birch Tree Mixed Media Panel, with a childhood photo of my dad.

Layers of ink - Frosty Deer Clipboard by Anna-Karin

I had a hard time picking a favorite Christmas project, but apart from my December Daily journal, I think it is this Frosty Deer Clip Board. I am planning to display it all through winter.

Layers of ink - Quick Watercolor Gift Tags Skillshare Class by Anna-Karin

I am happy that I have really started getting into making videos, both for my YouTube channel, and for my classes on Skillshare. There are two classes so far, this one with Quick Watercolor Gift Tags, and the first one called Versatile Watercolor Stamping. More to come this year.

Layers of ink - Hydrangea Art Journal Page by Anna-Karin

Let's finish this long post with a happy art journaling page, and a perfect reminder for the new year of some important things.

Thank you so much again for visiting my blog during 2016. I have lots of fun plans and ideas for 2017 and I hope I can make at least some of them come true.

Happy Crafting!



  1. SUch gorgeous work Anna-Karin..I really enjoy following your blog and seeing all your wonderful creativity.Happy new year x

  2. I have made several of your projects this year and have enjoyed it immensely. Now I am working on your tag class. thanks as always for sharing.

  3. What a fabulous collection of eclectic projects!! Love your work!

  4. A great review of your work. I see some of my favorites, but there are other favorites not here. I really enjoy your tutorials and the tips you give. I love seeing a new post from you, I never know what you will have for us next.

  5. It is a pleasure to review the work you've done this past year. What a joy it is to see the projects you create. It is, indeed, a force for world peace and understanding. Thanks for sharing your tremendous creative skills with us, all around the world.

  6. What a beautiful collection of Art!!!
    I am speechless:-)

  7. Wonderful choices Anna-Karin, there are a couple of my favourites in there too. Happy New Year to you and wishing you a wonderful 2017! Anne x

  8. I have enjoyed reading through your post and visiting your old favorites! It just goes to show you are a tremendously talented and diverse artist! Wishing you and your family a great New Year! Thank you for all you share with us.

  9. Je hebt mooie creaties gekozen van het afgelopen jaar. Super!
    I love how you played with mixed media techniques!! awesome to look at.

  10. All are just SO FABULOUS and beautiful!
    Missing time so far to take the time to look at them all in details, but tonight, wow, what a great retrospective!!!!
    Couldn't say which one is my favorite however... I really love them ALL.
    Thanks again for your video which I had the chance to watch as a free gift from you, really enjoyable and well done Anna-Karin, congratulations.
    Hugs! :)


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