Thursday, February 9, 2017

Free Spots in Tissue Paper Flower Class

Hi everyone!!

Updated 10 Feb.: The ten free spots are now taken. If you are interested in checking out the class, you can try out Skillshare for three for $0.99, by following this link to the Tissue Paper Flower Class.

Thank you to those who signed up!!



When I typed up my blog post about my new Tissue Paper Flower Class on Skillshare, it was pretty late at night and I totally forgot to write that I have 10 spots to give away for free in the class.

Layers of ink - Tissue Paper Flower Class on Skillshare by Anna-Karin

So if you aren't a member at Skillshare, you have a chance to check out the class for free. If you are a Premium member, you already have access to all the classes, so this would only apply to people who don't have Premium membership. All you need to do is follow this free link to my Tissue Paper Flower class. There are only ten spots, and once they are filled, the link should stop working. So you have to hurry if you want a spot in the class.

You can read more about the class in this blog post, or if you check out my introduction video below.

If you already are a Premium member, or if you want to try out Skillshare for three months for $0.99, follow this link to the Tissue Paper Flower Class

I hope to see you in class!

Happy crafting!


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