Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mixed-Media Textured Winter Scene

Hi and welcome! I can't believe it is already the first of December! My Christmas cards are not all done yet. We are having a winter theme this month at Craft a Scene. I did something a little bit different, a mixed-media textured winter landscape using a mix of various acrylic mediums, paint and stamps.

I had smeared Golden Crackle Paste on a canvas board (4 x 6) last week, without planning what to do with it. When I was going to start working on my winter scene, my eyes fell on the crackled surface and I thought it would work great for a snowy scene. I had so much fun creating this and just went along experimenting. I'll make a tutorial for this another time, I forgot to take step photos when I made this.

After the crackle paste was dry, I painted a watery mix of Distress Paints on top, using Broken China, Stormy Sky and a little bit of Chipped Sapphire. The paint went into the cracks, but also coloured the surface to some extent. I wiped some of it off from the surface.

The best way to stamp on such an uneven surface is to stamp on tissue paper, which I did, using Archival Jet Black. The tissue paper was glued to the surface with glossy gel, using one layer under and one on top the of tissue paper, which disappears.

When it was dry, I painted on top, to define some of the areas. Chipped Sapphire was added to the water. I painted white here and there, especially on the first snowy hill, to bring it forward and add perspective. Behind the hill, I painted Stormy Sky as a shadow and also under the trees.

I splattered white paint on the board to add even more of a snowy feeling.

A little bit of Glass Bead Gel was smeared on the water/ice and to the sky, and I also added some Extra Heavy Gel on the first snowy hill.

Thank you for the visit! I hope you will join us this month in our winter challenge.

Happy stamping!


Stamps: Stampscapes: Leafless Limbs 052C, Migrating Birds 152D, Oak Tree Medium 178E, Oak Tree Sm. 177B, Snowy Bank 360G, Winter Brush 366C
Ink: Ranger Archival Ink Jet Black
Paint: Distress Paint: Broken China, Stormy Sky, Chipped Sapphire; Golden Artist Paint: Titanium White Fluid Acrylics
Medium: Golden Artist Paint: Crackle Paste, Soft Gel Glossy, Glass Bead Gel, Extra Heavy Gel Gloss
Surface: Canvas Board (4 x 6)


  1. This turned out fabulous! Thanks for the tip of stamping on tissue. I probably would have tried to stamp right on the board and not been happy. The bead gel looks great as ice/snow.

  2. I was just wondering how could you stamp on the crackled surfaces n still the image is perfect .how?? Got the answer "tissue".The canvas looks AWESOME specially the texture snowy look !

  3. Fantastic! I even cannot understand how it's done! I love winter, and yours is beautiful!

  4. So gorgeous - I have a canvas sitting all crackled up right now, waiting for inspiration to strike... I might have known it would come from you!!
    Alison xx

  5. So cool. Love all the details. Thanks for all the tips on how to achieve all these effects.

  6. Thank you so much for this wonderful creation and all the tips to do such delightful scene.... I really love it, wow !!! Coco x

  7. Amazing! I'll have try some of that crackle paste as I love the cracks you've achieved with it. Very inspiring!

  8. This is gorgeous. I have to try a bit on a very small canvas.

  9. What a beautiful art piece. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  10. Weeee! I'm squealing like Maxwell the Pig! Stunning. Weeeee!

  11. I just saw this while lurking on 2P's..I LOVE this! The technique is fantastic and loved your process explanation as well!

  12. Thank you so much for this. Got stuck with a winter scene then used home made crackle in part, looks fabulous.


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