Saturday, October 15, 2011

Night Sea

This is the second of my scenes printed as a Stampscapes idea card. Here's the first post about the idea cards. The scene is done on glossy cardstock and is 5.5” x 8.5”.

One of the interesting things with black and white scenes is that the importance of light, value and contrast becomes more apparent than when you work with a variety of colors. It is fun to see how much you can achieve by using only shades of black ink.

I planned out the scene on scrap paper and then the images were stamped with Jet Black ink. Star Birth was stamped twice and Cloud Cumulus Lg. was used to fill the space between the stars, moon and sea. Black and grey dye inks were applied to the scene, starting with the lighter grey inks and gradually going darker, taking care to leave some areas white (many of the stars, the moon, the roof of the house and areas of the water). A Stylus Tool and Fantastix were used to apply the ink. Highlights were added with a white gel pen.
Finally, using a tooth brush, opaque white Acrylic Artist ink was splattered on the scene, especially around the cliffs and on the sea. Some of the ink was applied as mist around the moon and in the water, using a fairly dry brush. When splattered, the ink remains opaque white, but when applied in a dry brush fashion it becomes more translucent.
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Supplies: Stampscapes: Seaside Cove 139H, Seaside Dwelling 249E, Star Birth 217G, Cloud Cumulus Lg. 019G, Sailboat 153B, Eerie Moon 282F, Pines and Rocks Sm. 267E, Spooky Branch Sm. from Nature Sheet #12; Ranger Archival Jet Black; Adirondack Slate; Distress Ink Black Soot; Memento London Fog; Daler & Rowney Acrylic Artist Ink white; white gel pen.


  1. Wow ... thanks for walking through the process ... I'm not a very good "planner" when I create, but obviously I should do more of it ... stunning.

  2. Do you have to mask out thing when adding new stamp images?
    Like masking out the Star Birth to fill in with the cumulus?

    1. Thank you for the comment Rosemary! I rarely mask when using the Stampscapes stamps, since they are designed to seamlessly work together. Sometimes, I use a torn paper to just cover up a part of the scene, but I almost never do masking in the traditional sense of the word. I hope that helped!


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